Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants are trained to perform comparative market analysis for clients to determine the best price when selling a property or a price to offer when buying a home.

Here are the tasks to delegate to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. 

  • Research comparable properties listed in the area and determine how long they usually stay in the market

  • Research and track current real estate market trends.

  • Research applicable tax.

  • Prepare market analysis for the property and determine market  trends based on comparable properties and recent property leasing.

  • Gather data to determine reasonable valuation assumptions such as current market trends in rental and growth.

  • Research the businesses , schools, hospitals nearby

  • Provide data to support presentation on market trends and current neighborhood situation through Comparative Market Analysis

  • Provide possible repair and maintenance cost of the property.

  • Monitor and track assets acquired and for acquisition ensuring that they are valued appropriately by creating a database.